Bolsover District Council is proud to announce the successful completion in partnership with Total Regen of its new Enterprise Centre, a state-of-the-art facility designed and constructed to achieve BREEAM Excellent certification. This project, which received partial funding from the European Union, is a testament to our commitment to sustainable development and the promotion of environmentally friendly practices.


Project details:

Client:  J Tomlinson

Team:  Total Group

Type: JCT Design & Build Contract

Location: Bolsover

Project value: £3.8m

Procurement: Competitive Tender

Project Overview

Bolsover District Council is a non-constituent partner member of the Sheffield City Region Combined Authority, and provides a range of services to the residents and businesses of Bolsolver, Derbyshire.

In 2011, the council of Shirebrook entrusted Total Group with the task of designing and constructing a state-of-the-art Enterprise Centre. This flagship project aimed to provide a mix of office and workshop units specifically tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The goal was to create a space that would not only accommodate these businesses but also foster their growth and contribute to the development of the local economy. Recognising the importance of this endeavor, the project received partial funding from the European Union.

This support demonstrated the shared commitment to promoting entrepreneurship and facilitating the establishment of new businesses. With this backing, Total Group embarked on the construction of a building that would not only meet the needs of its occupants but also exemplify sustainable practices. The Enterprise Centre in Shirebrook stands as a testament to Total Group’s dedication to environmental responsibility. It was designed to achieve the prestigious BREEAM ‘Excellent’ accreditation, making it the first environmentally-friendly building of its kind in the council’s portfolio.

This recognition is a testament to the careful consideration given to every aspect of the construction process, from materials used to energy-efficient technologies implemented. One of the primary objectives of the Enterprise Centre was to provide efficiency savings for its occupants. By incorporating modern renewable technologies, the building offers a sustainable and cost-effective solution for SMEs. These technologies not only reduce the environmental impact but also contribute to long-term financial savings for the businesses operating within the Centre.

The Enterprise Centre in Shirebrook is more than just a physical space; it is a hub of innovation and collaboration. The flexible office and workshop units are designed to adapt to the evolving needs of the businesses they house. This adaptability ensures that SMEs can thrive in an environment that supports their growth and development. Beyond the physical infrastructure, the Enterprise Centre offers a range of support services to its occupants.

These services aim to provide guidance and assistance to SMEs, helping them navigate the challenges of starting and running a business. From mentoring programs to networking events, the Centre fosters an environment where entrepreneurs can connect and learn from one another. The success of the Enterprise Centre in Shirebrook goes beyond the accolades it has received. It is a testament to the power of collaboration and the impact that sustainable practices can have on local economies.

By providing a space where SMEs can flourish, the Centre has contributed to the growth and development of new businesses in the area. Total Group’s commitment to designing and constructing environmentally-friendly buildings is evident in the Enterprise Centre in Shirebrook. This flagship project not only showcases their expertise in sustainable construction but also their dedication to supporting the growth of SMEs. The Centre stands as a symbol of innovation and collaboration, a space where businesses can thrive and contribute to the vibrant local economy.

In conclusion, the Enterprise Centre in Shirebrook, designed and constructed by Total Group, is a shining example of sustainable construction and support for SMEs. With its BREEAM ‘Excellent’ accreditation and focus on efficiency savings, the Centre provides a modern and environmentally-friendly space for businesses to grow and thrive. Through its range of support services, it fosters an environment of collaboration and innovation, contributing to the development of the local economy.

The Total Group approach

Constructing an energy-efficient building

The mechanical installation included gas fired absorption heat pumps, a mixture of passive and mechanical ventilation, and under-floor heating distribution via a service trench within the ground floor corridor with service risers feeding every individual unit. Total Regen installed dedicated plant spaces on the single-storey roof areas, with safe means of access.

The electrical installation consisted of a small power data lighting distribution and the installation of photovoltaic panels to the main roof area.

Following planning consent, we also installed a small vertical axis wind turbine, which would generate electricity for occupants of the centre.

BREEAM ‘Excellent’ project

The centre was the first environmentally-friendly building constructed for the council to achieve BREEAM ‘Excellent’ accreditation, offering modern renewable technologies to provide efficiency savings for occupants. The project received a BREEAM assessment score of 73.80%, which benefited from:

CCS Audits – following two audits, Total Regen achieved formal certification under the Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS), achieving a score of 34.00 against the target of 32.00.

Construction Waste Management – site operatives were encouraged to recycle all non-hazardous construction waste, which was enabled via a dedicated recycling area. Through effective monitoring and tool-box talks, approximately 388 tonnes of construction waste was segregated and recycled throughout the project.

On-time and budget completion

The project was completed on time and in budget, and has since acted as a key ‘graduation space’ for businesses looking to progress from start-up accommodation.

Key project achievements

ON-TIME AND IN-BUDGET COMPLETION – The project was completed on time and in budget, and has since acted as a key ‘graduation space’ for businesses looking to progress from start-up accommodation

BREEAM ‘EXCELLENT’ RATING – achieved through excellent waste management and a raft of energy-efficiency measures including solar panelling and wind turbines

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT – Total Group involved the wider community in the project through school site visits and work experience placements

LONG-TERM SAVINGS – the energy efficiency measures implemented within the project will help the council and the building’s occupants save costs and energy throughout the lengthy life-cycle of the centre

Airfield Business Park

Total Group has been appointed by the council to construct a range of high-spec steel frame industrial units at Airfield Business Park, located just outside Market Harborough. These units, ranging from 1,570 to 33,360 sq. ft, will provide additional space for businesses in the area.

Intensive Support Unit

In 2012, the trust appointed Total Group as the principal contractor for the construction of a new and advanced Intensive Support Services Unit (ISSU) on Firshill Rise, Sheffield. This project aimed to provide a state-of-the-art facility to cater to the needs of the community and bed-based service users.

West Bromwich Building Society

Total Group were successful in securing the design, supply and installation works for the Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) services on the new West Bromwich Building Society Head Office in West Bromwich. The building society was looking for a reliable and sustainable solution 

Lakeside Student Accommodation

During the summer of 2019, Total Group had the honor of being appointed to undertake a comprehensive £4.8m refurbishment scheme at Warwick’s Lakeside House student accommodation. This ambitious project involved the renovation of 304 bedrooms and en-suite bathrooms, along with the revitalization of the accompanying communal areas.

Dunelm Store Nottingham

Total Group is proud to have been appointed to undertake the design and build of Dunelm’s new 23,000 sq. ft. Nottingham branch. Our team of experienced professionals is committed to delivering a high-quality project that meets Dunelm’s specific requirements and exceeds their expectations.

Nottingham Fire Station

The Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service (NFRS) recognised the need for a new base that would cater to the requirements of a modern fire station. After careful consideration, the London Road fire station was proposed as the ideal location, offering energy efficiency, convenience for emergency call-outs

Shirebrook Enterprise

In 2011, the council of Shirebrook entrusted Total Group with the task of designing and constructing a state-of-the-art Enterprise Centre. This flagship project aimed to provide a mix of office and workshop units specifically tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

Nottingham College

Since their construction in the 1970s, several of the original Vision West Nottinghamshire College campus buildings had developed a number of issues, including generating high utility bills, as well as suffering extremes of solar gain and heat loss through existing single glaze windows.

Hartons Industrial Estate

In 2018, Total Group was entrusted by Hortons’ to oversee the design and construction of Asparagus Point, a state-of-the-art industrial development spanning 54,450 square feet. This project marked the latest addition to the esteemed Vale Park industrial estate in Evesham.

Aspley Academy

At Bluecoat Academy and 6th Form College in Nottingham, we are proud to announce the expansion of our facilities to accommodate the growing number of students and enhance their educational experience. As a result of the increased student numbers and academic achievements, 

Barnsley College

In 2014, our college embarked on an exciting journey to enhance its sport and public services facilities. Thanks to the support of the Skills Funding Agency’s (SFA) College Capital Investment Fund (CCIF), we secured £4 million in funding for this ambitious project

Distribution Centre Construction

Three years after collaborating with Total Group’s construction and engineering teams to establish a state-of-the-art design studio in Mansfield, Linney has once again entrusted Total Group with the responsibility of managing the construction of a new, purpose-built warehouse.

Ramberley Development

Hamberley is a renowned developer of specialist care facilities in the United Kingdom. With a commitment to providing exceptional care environments, Hamberley has partnered with Total Group to manage the design and construction of various projects.

Spencer Academy

Total Group, in collaboration with St. Modwen, was entrusted with the responsibility of managing the design and construction of Mease Spencer Academy. This new, single-storey primary school is located in Hilton, Derbyshire. The project came into existence as part of a planning agreement between St. Modwen 

Chawley Grove Care Home

Chawley Grove Care Home, a luxurious and state-of-the-art residential care facility located in the picturesque village of Cumnor, Oxfordshire. Designed and built by Total Group, renowned experts in specialist care schemes, Chawley Grove offers exceptional care and a comfortable living 

Littlecombe Industrial Units

In 2017, our company entrusted Total Group with the responsibility of managing and delivering the design and construction of nine structural steel portal frame industrial units. This project was part of a larger mixed-use regeneration scheme in the Dursley area, located near the town centre. 

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