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Total are a leading construction company in Manchester, your one-stop shop to meet your construction requirements. We can create and deliver a wide range of construction solutions which match the needs and specifications our clients

A total leading construction & housing development company in Manchester

We supply construction services that people want to live in and enjoy, which are delivered safely, on time, on budget and to the highest standards. We are experts in building houses but that is not all we do.  

Our business model is simple and effective and our ‘one stop’ approach has made us stand out from the crowd as we provide tailored solutions, resulting in a seamless service for our clients.  

From sourcing land, building extensions, constructing commercial buildings to handing over the keys to a development, all bases are covered.  

There simply is no red tape – just straight-talking efficiency. The quality of the work we do – the attention to the finer detail – and delivering a professional job every day, every time allows us to maintain solid relationships with registered providers.  

As a leading construction company in Manchester our reputation for delivery speaks for itself and our ability to identify potential issues is factored into the meticulous focus on all aspects of planning. This means that we have unlocked sites that our competitors cannot.  

Our land-sourcing capability provides a secured pipeline of sites which is the platform for steady growth and profitability. We unlock their development potential, utilising leading expertise in our sector.  

We pride ourselves on Total Groups standards and our continued appetite for innovation allows us to stay at the forefront of our industry. 

House builders Manchester

The total construction approach

Our approach sees us not just contributing financially but also involves a dedicated team investing time to ensure our construction sites create real value for the communities in which they sit.  

We are passionate about providing local employment and apprenticeship opportunities, recruiting on a values basis, offering team positions to people who share our core values of Quality, Transparency, Community, Responsiveness, Integrity, Innovation, Partnership and Teamwork.  

We ensure that our activities create live learning opportunities for local young people, interacting with local primary, secondary and further education establishments to enhance their learning and careers provision by giving a real life look into the construction industry through our wealth of industry professionals.  

We work to understand how to truly create a lasting and sustainable positive change through supporting local not for profit and charity community organisations.  

We are not about re-inventing the wheel, rather oiling it slightly. We understand there are already lots of people doing fantastic things in their own areas and our aim is to connect them and provide support to enable them to work more effectively.  

We are immensely proud to be a part of these local communities and our feeling of responsibility will only continue to grow as we arrive at new sites and in new areas. We will ensure that our local responsibilities are always met as we continue to contribute to the societies in which we work. 

Builders in Manchester

Building excellence in Manchester

At Total Group, being leaders in construction in Manchester, we do not just build houses, we build communities, and we have responsibilities towards those that we help create.

Working with a cross-section of Registered Providers and private clients across Manchester, we ensure these responsibilities are met in the best ways.  

As well as maintaining the highest of environmental standards, we work closely with our social enterprise scheme, Total Group New Beginnings, to deliver social value to these communities throughout Manchester build to help create long lasting, positive social impact.  

Our aim is to improve the lives of people within these areas by giving them the skills and support to create positive changes in their lives which will have a positive impact upon the communities in which they live.  

We do this in a variety of ways and have an open outlook on how this can be achieved, from mentoring, to sponsorship, to investments of time or resources.

We prefer to tailor our help to create the maximum positive impact in each case, and so are engaged in multiple initiatives at any one time across our different sites that can help with any number of social issues – from tackling social problems, improving local people’s life chances, providing training and employment opportunities, supporting communities and helping the environment.  

The impact of our work can be felt long after we have downed tools and handed over our housing developments – from community gardens and wildlife projects to charitable donations and careers programmes – we aim to positively enhance each area in which we build.  

Building Regeneration in Manchester

Total Property regeneration

Total Group’s Regeneration team deliver capital and planned improvement works across a range of domestic dwellings, from bungalows and houses to sheltered care schemes and high-rise apartments.

We are experienced in undertaking elemental and whole house workstreams, delivering both short-term specialist works and long-term programmes to suit our clients’ budgets. 

Total Group’s Regeneration team deliver capital and planned improvement works across a range of domestic dwellings, from bungalows and houses to sheltered care schemes and high-rise apartments.

We are experienced in undertaking elemental and whole house workstreams, delivering both short-term specialist works and long-term programmes to suit our clients’ budgets. 

Our extensive range of services includes: 

  • Kitchen and bathroom replacements 
  • Heating and electrical installations 
  • Renewable technology installations 
  • Re-roofing works 
  • External Wall Insulation (EWI) 
  • Window and door replacements 
  • Aids and adaptations 
  • Internal and external decoration 
  • Structural improvements 
  • Void refurbishments 
  • Estate intervention works 

TOTAL Educational facilities

Our wide ranging experience in the education sector covers projects for all stages from nursery to university and also includes specialist teaching facilities for academic and vocational teaching.

TOTAL Commercial Construction Manchester

For most of us, our workplace is where we spend a considerable amount of our time and, at Total, we believe that these buildings should offer vibrant and flexible spaces 

TOTAL Major Construction Company Manchester

Total Group provide a comprehensive scope of construction solutions throughout the North West, working as the primary or subcontractor. The full portfolio of services we provide 

TOTAL Community Facilities

Exposure to sport at an early age has proven societal benefits and, in addition to our projects in the community, Total have provided sports facilities for schools.

TOTAL Property Development Company Manchester

Total Group have an unrivalled understanding of planning and development opportunities nationwide, including local knowledge of the long term, publicly funded development areas 

TOTAL Design & Build Company Manchester

Total Group offer a comprehensive package for all design, build and construction works. Creating and delivering innovative and intelligent construction procedures 

TOTAL Case Studies Projects

Our extensive portfolio of services covers the whole building lifecycle from construction to refurbishment, engineering services, low carbon and renewable energy, repairs and maintenance, and facilities management. 

TOTAL Primary Care Facilities

The provision of residential care for young, elderly and vulnerable people is a key component of modern welfare, and the Total care portfolio incorporates facilities that cater for each these groups.

TOTAL Architectural Design

At Total Group we work architectural design specialists based around the United Kingdom. We are an end to end business and will work with you from the initial concept right through to completion

TOTAL M&E Contractors

Total Group are a construction and M&E specialist based around the UK, who can carry out mechanical and electrical works in your building to bring your space up to date. The average office lease lasts for eight years, 

TOTAL Innovation Developments

Total’s Our expertise stretches across a variety of renewable technologies as evidenced in 2020 we constructed the Cwt Pen-Capel apartment block in Caerphilly which was built to Passivhaus standard  Wales

TOTAL Affordable House Construction

Whether through new build contracting package deals or  joint ventures our construction and development partnerships are designed to provide the full mix of tenure solutions whilst contributing 

TOTAL Heritage & Conservation

Total’s Construction sensitive approaches to heritage and conservation works with the support of our specialist heritage supply chain ensure that we restore buildings to their former excellence, transforming the built environment.

TOTAL Leisure Projects

At Total Group we understand the challenges associated to development projects within the leisure sector. We guarantee delivery of our projects on time and on budget, all of the time.

TOTAL Healthcare Construction

With the Government committed under its NHS Plan to building a modern health service, Total has set standards in the design and construction of more patient-centred and flexible hospital and community-based 

TOTAL Industrial Construction

Total Group understand the importance of delivering on time in this sector and fully embrace the production and time constraints within the industrial manufacturing process. From new build, to working 

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