How we care for our people

Our commitment to staff health and wellbeing is indicative of the value we place in our individual employees' no matter what role they play in our organisation.

Providing our employees the support when they need it

We want you to be happy and healthy, both inside and outside of work. Our benefits and perks vary, but they’re all based on the philosophy that taking care of our people is good for all of us. 

We know that everyone is different, so what we offer is constantly evolving based on  employee needs and feedback.

Supporting our people

Employee Health and Wellbeing 

Health and Safety is our top priority and this extends to the wellbeing of our employees 

We hold regular toolbox talks with our site and office-based employees on health issues and have partnered with organisations such as Prostate Cymru, Cardiff MIND and Cardiac nurses from University Hospital of Wales who have provided advice and guidance to our employees.

All Total Regeneration employees have regular health screening with the aim of identifying any early signs of ill health,. We offer health insurance to some employees an also have a Health Assistance programme in place for all employees which provides financial assistance when employees need support with meeting the costs of things such as dental, optician and physiotherapy as well as more serious health problems where the costs of referrals to specialist and scans can be met.

We also take the issue of drink and drugs abuse very seriously and take a zero tolerance when this affects health and safety in the workplace. We do all we can to discourage employees abusing their health in such ways an all employees are subject to random drug and alcohol testing at work.

We operate a cycle to work scheme for employees and support many opportunities to participate in physical activities, often linked to our charitable fundraising activities and our chosen Company Charity.

Mental Health 

We acknowledge that although construction can be a rewarding and varied industry to work in, it is also an environment where pressures can be high. Therefore, we take the mental health of our employees very serious.

We regularly carry out mental health and wellbeing toolbox talks across our sites and offices.  We hope we have created an environment where people know they are safe to talk about how they are feeling to colleagues. Over 10% of our workforce are trained as mental health first aiders, with plans to increase this further in the future. These first aiders are in roles where they are accessible to all our employees throughout all levels of the company.


As a valued member of the team you will have the ability to progress your career through personal development opportunities and have access to professional and technical training.


We aim to provide a working environment that makes people feel they are want to stay and give us their very best. Our staff turnover figures are lower than the industry norm.


Offering work experience placements is just one way of putting back into communities and over the years we have arranged numerous site-based and office-based opportunities.


There’s no one type of person we are looking for. We look for people who can bring new perspectives, skills and life experiences to our teams. We value challenge, curiosity and passion.


We want you to be happy and healthy, both inside and outside of work. Our benefits and perks vary, but they’re all based on the philosophy that taking care of our people is good for all of us. 


Total Regeneration offer a comprehensive package for all design, build and construction works. Creating and delivering innovative and intelligent construction procedures 


Total Regeneration specialise in the fit out of bars, offices, restaurants, schools, homes & modular buildings. We have the ability to manage your project from conceptual design to practical completion 


The provision of residential care for young, elderly and vulnerable people is a key component of modern welfare, and the Total Regeneration care portfolio incorporates facilities that cater for each these groups.

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